What We Do

Today’s financial world is complex: investing, retirement planning, taxation, estate planning, insurance…. It is easy for us to feel anxious about our financial affairs. The goal at Providus Advisors is to provide you peace of mind by:

  • Helping you achieve and maintain financial independence
  • Helping you manage investment risk while earning reasonable returns on your portfolio
  • Providing proactive advice on investment management, estate planning, taxes, insurance, and debt management
  • Helping you organize your finances, avoid making major financial mistakes, and avoid being taken advantage of by the financial services industry
  • Being a resource to you and helping you manage your complex financial situation

Our Services

  • Active, unique Investment Management process with focus of emphasis on risk control
  • Regular monitoring of your portfolio including due diligence of your holdings to ensure positions meet specified standards
  • Unbiased advice performed by a Registered Investment Advisory “Fee-only” firm serving as a fiduciary to you and receiving no compensation from 3rd parties
  • Annual planning review with specific recommendations made by a Certified Financial Planning™ professional
  • Access to sophisticated planning tools (e.g retirement income planner, portfolio risk analysis, social security planner)
  • Unlimited advice and support regarding your finances (contact us anytime you need help)
  • Personalized financial website with planning tools

Our Promise

Quality Advice. True independence has many benefits for you. Providus is an independent firm that accepts no third-party payments, has no requirements to sell any in-house or preferred products or to advance some large corporate agenda. Providus serves clients only. Your interests are placed first and foremost.

A Unique Investment Management Process. We monitor various markets and their trends, increasing or reducing exposure as warranted. Undergoing this process can help you reduce the risk associated with investing while giving you the confidence to stay invested during uptrends.

A True Value. Obtaining high quality service at a reasonable cost is important to you. We are committed to providing an excellent value to you, our client. The unfortunate truth is that many investment product salespeople recommend products laden with inappropriately high fees. Often times, such fees are hidden and not fully disclosed. Providus’ pricing structure is transparent and a good value.  See below.

Our fees

Fees are charged to your account in arrears, on a quarterly basis. Fees are quoted as a percentage of the assets we manage for you. There are no lock-up periods, surrender charges, etc.

If your portfolio is:

$500,000-$999,999                     1.00%

$1,000,000-$2,999,999                 .75%

$3,000,000+                                    .50%

For example, a portfolio with $1,000,000 is charged .75%, or $7,500 annually.

All costs are transparent, fully disclosed and easy to understand.  Providus accepts no compensation from third parties.  This drastically reduces the sometimes substantial conflicts of interest present in many advisory relationships.