Retirement Plans

We help small business owners and HR professionals with the management of their plan. We specialize in the following areas:

Fiduciary services. Fiduciary oversight is critical to helping you not only improve your plan but also in helping to protect yourself from personal liability. Being a good fiduciary does not need to be complicated or difficult. We can help you be diligent about making smart decisions in the best interest of your employees as we are also fiduciaries to our clients.

Fund Manager Selection. We can help you develop an Investment Policy Statement which outlines how mutual funds are selected and evaluated and provide the ongoing due diligence of the funds. We can function as a discretionary fiduciary 3(38) to your plan.

401k expenses. As a fiduciary to your plan, you are required to have a full understanding of plan expenses and determine if the value you receive for the services provided are reasonable. We assist our clients with this process.

Vendor Management/Service Issues. We proactively assist you with resolving any service issues associated with your plan. We’ll do our best to help you understand many of the complicated requirements that go along with managing your plan.

Participant Education. Are your employees truly prepared for retirement? Are they aware of and really seeing the true value of your company’s retirement plan? We can help educate your employees on ways to save more, invest appropriately, and plan for a great retirement.

In most situations, we have saved clients 20-30% of the costs of their plan and improved the quality of service. Please contact us to learn more.