Here are some interesting things we came across this week…

Rob Arnott’s Capital Markets Presentation. Chairman and CEO or Research Affliates, Rob Arnott delivers a well articulated presentation on markets and the likely returns for various asset classes over the next several years.

9 Closed-End Funds With Yields Up To 10%. We’ve written before that there are reasonable values in the income producing closed-end fund space. This Barron’s article from Randall Forsyth discusses some of the opportunities available in closed-end funds.

In a world where an estimated $10 trillion of fixed-income securities have negative yields and prospective future returns from equities amount to single digits, nothing can beat the double-digit current returns of CEFs, [Mark J.] Grant [of Hilltop Securities] says.

Curbing Our Enthusiasm Over Rising Home Prices. This well reasoned piece by Justin Fox shows us that home prices (nationally) have risen once again to very high levels (relative to incomes). Time will tell if things get out of hand like they did several years ago. Let’s hope not.

Housing disconnect


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