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We are dedicated to the well-being of you, our client.

Providus Advisors is dedicated to serving our clients with the utmost diligence and care through relationships based on trust and understanding. With over 30 years combined experience, the advisors at Providus have been offering individuals, families, and institutions objective and sophisticated planning and advice.

Investment Management

Providus Meets CIO

Our unique investment management methodology provides portfolio diversification with a keen focus on managing risk, so you can invest with confidence regardless of market conditions.

Financial Planning

Retirement planning, tax mitigation strategies, estate planning, insurance analysis, debt management, and more provided by Certified Financial Planning™ practitioners who help you organize and simplify your finances utilizing best in class tools and technology.

Retirement Plan Services

We help small business owners and executives build a better 401(k). We can help you reduce fees, improve plan investment performance, and better manage your fiduciary duty.

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Freezing Your Credit

In light of the recent Equifax breach, we’ve received lots of inquiries about the pros and cons of freezing your credit. I’m a big proponent of freezing your credit, especially if you have no intention of taking on new credit …

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Equifax Data Breach

You’re probably well aware of the recent Equifax Breach. Equifax is one of the three major credit reporting agencies so the breach is unfortunate to say the least. In response, a website was set up to find out if your …

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What’s Your (Retirement) Number?

As Certified Financial Planner™ professionals we are often asked, “How much money will I need to retire?”  Or, “What’s my number?”  Sounds simple enough right?  After all, we do this stuff everyday. Can’t we just pull out our trusty financial …

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